Pubmed 8925876 ishiguro m, futabayashi y, ohnuki t, ahmed m, muramatsu i, nagatomo t identification of binding sites of prazosin, tamsulosin and kmd-3213 with alpha 1 -adrenergic receptor subtypes by molecular modeling.

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you should not use this cheap doxazosin medication if you are allergic to doxazosin or similar medicines such as alfuzosin uroxatral , prazosin minipress , silodosin rapaflo , tamsulosin flomax , or terazosin hytrin .

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although preliminary findings have been very encouraging, larger, well controlled studies are needed to more fully define the role and optimum dosing of prazosin in the pharmacologic management of ptsd.

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one case of syncope in a patient taking prazosin concomitantly and one case of priapism were reported in the rapaflo treatment group.

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possible side effects syncope with loss of consciousness is the most serious side effect of prazosin.

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in an uncontrolled series of 3 patients with norepinephrine-secreting pheochromocytoma who were pretreated with an alpha adrenergic blocker prazosin , perioperative use of propranolol at doses of 40-80 mg t.


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